Our four and six week classes are held from September to May of each year. If we are currently offering a class, a start date is listed with it. (Update, 5/8/2014: Classes will resume in September.  Two hour short courses are available until May 31st)

Glass & Metal Courses


Venetian Glassblowing & Sculpture I

Level: Beginning to Intermediate – Five (5) weeks (student maximum: 6)

Classes will resume in September.  

What more exciting way to be introduced to the world of glassblowing than by sculpting honey-like, molten glass on the end of a blow pipe! Students will be introduced to a variety of glassblowing techniques, from gathering and forming the initial bubble, to adding colored powder or frit, all under the close guidance of GlassWorks faculty members. Students will also cover basic techniques of polishing and cutting their glass pieces in the cold working studio. Through hands-on experience, the basic skills necessary to continue in intermediate blown and solid glass courses will be developed. No previous experience necessary.

Venetian Glassblowing & Sculpture II

Level: Intermediate to Advanced – 6 weeks (student maximum: 6)

This course is designed to advance the skills of the intermediate and advanced glassblower to the teamwork of pulling cane to incorporate multiple design techniques into patterned blown sculptures and cut-out pickups. As the student advances, Venetian-style goblets will challenge them to work thinner using the gage to do bit-working. Communication and teamwork will be emphasized.

Scientific Glass Flameworking & Beadmaking

Level: Beginner – 4 weeks (student maximum: 7)

New Start Date: TBD. Inquire at neworleansglassworks@gmail.com.

In flame-working, or torch-working (lampworking), glass is manipulated with heat from a single flame. Students are shown a variety of techniques that are applied to small-scale glass designs. Personal creativity through torch-working using colored rods transforms the glass shapes into objects used in contemporary life. The instructor will emphasize how to work efficiently in a home studio to recreate designs made in glass. No previous experience necessary. Please inquire via email about advanced classes.

Metal Sculpture

Level: Beginner – 4 weeks (student maximum: 5)

Classes will resume in September

Steel Metal Arts Basics: Armature and Structure through Systems and Sculptural Drawing

Learn the fundamentals of metal sculpture in a four week studio. This class covers the techniques and practices of shaping and cutting metal rod. Various gauged metal rods are used to create structure and sculptural volume. Students are introduced to arc & mig welding, oxy-acetylene welding, cutting and bending techniques and finishing procedures. Resources for materials and equipment are available at the completion of this course.

Copper Enameling Jewelry Workshop

Level: Beginner – 6 weeks (student maximum: 6)

New Start Date: TBD. Inquire at neworleansglassworks@gmail.com.

What better way to learn fine jewelry designing! This small jewelry workshop is designed as a comprehensive course to teach the beginner the basic skills new jewelry designers need to know. Each student will walk away from class with several pieces of professionally finished jewelry. Techniques and processes covered are: PMC (precious metal clay), metal fabrication, vitreous enameling, polishing/tumbling and presentation.

Fused Glass Jewelry Workshop

Level: Beginner – 3 weeks (student maximum: 6)

Start date TBD. Inquire at neworleansglassworks@gmail.com.

Fused glass involves arranging glass pieces and firing them in a kiln, which fuses the pieces together. Students are taken through the fused glass jewelry process, including learning about safety, tools, firing methods, designs and finishing techniques. Everyone will make 2 to 4 pieces of jewelry to keep or give away as gifts.

Intro to Stained Glass

Level: Beginner – 4 weeks (student maximum: 6)

Classes will resume in September

Stained glass is an art form that has been around for centuries (think Tiffany lamps and old, Gothic cathedrals). In this class, the instructor focuses on beginner stained glass techniques. Student projects are taken home upon completion of the course. Class covers glass cutting, pattern preparation, glass selection, copper foiling, soldering and finishing techniques. No experience necessary!

Intro to Glass Mosaics

Level: Beginner – 4 weeks (student maximum: 4)

New Start Date: TBD. Inquire at neworleansglassworks@gmail.com.

The history of patterned mosaics can be traced all the way back to the Neo-Persian Empire.  Exquisite, finely detailed murals have popped up on walls, floors, outside exteriors, and even 3D sculptures.  This beginner course will teach the basics of creating beautiful, glass mosaics!  Students will learn glass cutting techniques, pattern -developing skills, color placement, and grouting/finishing techniques.  Every design can be taken home at the end of class to enjoy.  No experience necessary.   For future classes, think of doing a body bust.  You can also create a table, combining mosaics and metal sculpture.

Intro to Hand-Casting

Level: Beginner – 4 weeks (student maximum: 4)

New Start Date: TBD. Inquire at neworleansglassworks@gmail.com.

Students are introduced to glass casting via the lost wax method in order to cast their own hands. This class is very hands-on and everyone will also gain experience working with body casting materials such as alginate. Students receive detailed, guided instruction as well as discussions about the scientific aspects of the process being used. No prerequisites for this course. For more information on the lost wax method, visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lost-wax_casting.

Print & Book-Binding Courses


Fundamentals of Screenprinting

Level: Beginner – 4 weeks (student maximum: 6)

New Start Date: TBD. Inquire at neworleansglassworks@gmail.com.

Fundamentals explores the different possibilities of water-based screenprinting in a professional print shop atmosphere. Student gain a solid working knowledge of screenprinting, employing both traditional and contemporary methods of stencil making, film preparation and printing methods on various papers, as well as alternative surface and materials. Techniques such as mixing gradations with ink, multi-color registration and four color process printing are demonstrated and employed. Through independent projects, demonstrations and critiques, students are encouraged to create a cohesive body of work and utilize the medium for their own individual artistic needs.

Relief Printing

Level: Beginner – 4 weeks (student maximum: 6)

New Start Date: TBD. Inquire at neworleansglassworks@gmail.com.

Relief printing came to prominence in the Middle Ages as a way to produce playing cards. The non-image area is carved out of a block. Then, ink is rolled across the raised surface area and then transferred with pressure to paper. In this course, students will learn the basics of one color relief printing as well as multi-color relief printing. Various transfer methods will be taught as well as print registration.

Etching & Intaglio Printmaking

Level: Beginner – 6 weeks (student maximum: 6)

New Start Date: TBD. Inquire at neworleansglassworks@gmail.com.

This studio class is designed to provide a broad introduction to intaglio printmaking techniques and processes, while encouraging students’ appreciation for the historical relevance and tactile beauty of intaglio printmaking. Working within the possibilities and limitations of intaglio processes, students are encouraged to explore the full range of potential presented by the materials. Studio safety and cleanliness will be emphasized throughout the class.

Intro to Letterpress

Level: Beginner: 4 weeks (student maximum: 6)

New Start Date: TBD. Inquire at neworleansglassworks@gmail.com.

Letterpress is the term for relief printing of text and image using a high-press bed printing press and moveable type. It was widely used from the mid-fifteenth century until the nineteenth century for most publications and during industrialization evolved into rotary printing. We will explore the possibilities with letterpress, using moveable type on a Vandercook press, either printing a broadside (poster) or creating a small book of prose/poetry together. Students are encouraged to bring their own writing for publication.

Bookbinding I

Level: Beginner – 4 weeks (students maximum: 6)

New Start Date: TBD. Inquire at neworleansglassworks@gmail.com.
This class will cover various ways to bind and case book forms. Basic binding and techniques covered are accordion & one page books, pamphlet stitching, stab binding and French stitch. Modifications on basic forms will be explored, in hopes to encourage unique opportunities for content and interaction. This class is appropriate for students with no prior bookbinding experience.

Bookbinding II

Level: Intermediate – 6 weeks (students maximum: 6)

New Start Date: TBD. Inquire at neworleansglassworks@gmail.com.

An intermediate course designed for students with basic bookbinding experience. Students will learn four unique, handmade book structures while examining ways to modify and vary them to create books of your own design. Structures covered include the Japanese account book, Secret Belgian Binding, Longstich sewing and a flat-back case book (hardcover).